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Welcome to the exceptional service and expertise that is the hallmark of Australian Diamond Portfolio. Our experience in the Fancy Coloured Diamond industry has instilled a reputation amongst our clientele for providing only the highest in quality assistance in sourcing and acquiring the perfect diamond. Our team specialises in sourcing and securing Fancy Coloured Diamonds, in particular the most sort after Argyle Pink Diamonds.

Australian Diamond Portfolio ensures the process of buying diamonds is as clear cut as purchasing any other traditional asset. We are a local Australian company available to meet on an individual basis to assist with an acquisition that will last a lifetime.

"Most diamonds are found at 550km below the earth’s crust, yet, up to now, the deepest drill ever made on our planet reached only 13km deep. Despite some prehistoric volcanic eruption that carried diamonds close to the surface, it appears that most diamonds will remain beyond our reach, forever . . ."
- Eden Rachminov