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An Investor's Best Friend

12.1% annual average growth since 2005 *

By outperforming equity markets, property, and most other asset classes, it’s clear to see why more investors are turning to Pink Diamonds as part of a diversified portfolio.
  • Insulation from the volatility of traditional financial markets
  • The scheduled closure of the Argyle mine means global supply to be cut by 95% in 2021
  • Investments start from AU$20,000
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Average annual growth since 2005 *
12.1% Pink
5.6% Australian
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*Sources: Pink Diamonds - The Fancy Color Research Foundation. Based on Natural Fancy Intense Pink and Fancy Vivid Pink diamonds. Data range Jan '05 - Jan '19. Shares and Property - Chant West. Returns for shares and property are based on 15 year annualised growth rates.
SMSF Allowable Investment

Pink diamonds are an Allowable investment within an smsf

Consistent long-term growth and stability make pink diamonds the perfect addition to an SMSF.

Source, christies,com,,
The information contained in this graph is purely factual in nature, is objectively ascertained and does not constitute financial product advice


One of the world's fastest appreciating hard assets

The stable long-term growth of pink diamonds make them perfect for diversifying your existing investment portfolio.

Where other investments, including gold, have seen price drops; pink diamonds have seen consistent growth, even during periods of great financial uncertainty.


For every 1 million carats of rough diamonds produced at the Argyle Diamond Mine, a mere one carat of pink is suitable for sale. ‘Briefly Obtainable’, due to exhausted supply, appreciation is set to continue as we move towards the mine closure and beyond.


Pink diamonds have proven stable growth and little correlation with financial markets, consumer spending, or diamond jewellery demand. They maintain their value in tough economic times such as the Global Financial Crises, where prices also grew.


Continuing the trend of the past decade, future demand for diamonds from emerging markets like China and India is forecasted to grow by 6% per annum, significantly outstripping supply and further driving price growth.

Beyond Rare

Global supply to fall by 90%

90% of the world’s annual natural pink diamond supply is mined from one single source: The Argyle Mine in Western Australia, which is scheduled to completely cease all mining operations by 2021.

In anticipation of this closure date, investors buying pink diamonds are seeing an average appreciation of between 10-15% on their diamond portfolios each year.

This drastic supply shortage combined with a rapidly increasing market demand has positioned pink diamonds to take its place as one of the best opportunities for medium-term capital gains.

Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Australia, producer of 90% of the world’s pink diamond production, is set for closure in 2021.
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Suitable for SMSFs

A stable investment for a diversified portfolio

Diamonds are allowable investments inside an SMSF Portfolio and offer many benefits to trustees putting together a robust and truly diversified portfolio.

In a low interest rate environment, SMSF trustees are sensibly looking at alternative assets. Fancy coloured diamonds are an attractive way to diversify and grow wealth, with a history of strong performance.

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Quote mark The Australian Business Review

"In another decade the Argyle Pink Diamond will emerge as the new Faberge egg, the thing myths are made of."

Quote mark New York Times

"The best-known pink diamonds are from the Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia. That mine, which supplies 90 to 95 percent of the world’s pink diamonds, will be exhausted by 2021, and the scarcity has driven up prices."

Quote mark BRW

Times may be tough but in the world of pink diamonds, business is booming."

The expert difference

We make it easy for all investors, even if you’re new to the asset class

Australian Diamond Portfolio is a specialist brokerage that helps investors capitalise on the potential gains of a unique asset class. We provide an end-to-end solution for investors seeking the simplest, smartest way to physically owning the rare coloured diamonds that have outperformed every other asset for the past twenty years.

Our highly experienced and expert team is here to guide investors from their first steps, providing comprehensive education and access to a variety of unique resources and exclusive value-added services.

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An Investor's Best Friend

Find out more about one of the world's fastest appreciating hard assets over the last 10 years

Diamond Investment Guide
Inside our Pink Diamond Investment Guide learn:
  • How pink diamonds give insulation from traditional financial markets.
  • How the 2021 closure of the argyle mine gives potential for long-term outsized gains.
  • How to invest as part of an SMSF.
  • Investments starting from AU$20,000.

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