Ship via BRINKS

We recommend returning your stone via a specialist shipping company called BRINKS, as they offer insured shipping. However you may use any shipping company you like. Please kindly note that you are responsible for shipping costs.

When using BRINKS we will organise shipping and collection on your behalf based on the information you provide. In order to receive a quote from BRINKS, complete the form at the link below, then follow the steps to confirm your quote and arrange collection. 


BRINKS Shipping Form  


1. Get a shipping box

We suggest purchasing a box from Australia Post with known dimensions, which are required on the Shipping Details Form for an accurate quote. Shipping boxes can be purchased from Australia Post here.

2. Wrap your items

To ensure no damages to the collateral, we recommend wrapping each item in bubble wrap before you place it in the box. Please see sample images below.

3. Weigh your shipping box

When your items are wrapped and placed in the shipping box, weigh your box and add weight information to the Shipping Details Form. 

4. Determine preferred pick up date

The ‘Preferred pick-up date’ should be at least 48 hours from the day that you are submiting your completed Shipping Details Form (weekends not included). We recommend selecting the pick-up day to be between Monday & Thursday inclusive, so the shipment won’t need to be held over a weekend.

Kindly note that BRINKS can not guarantee a pick up time, and you need to be at the pick up address for collection.

5. Complete your BRINKS Shipping Form online

You can complete the form here.

Once you have submitted the complete Shipping Details Form, we will obtain a quote from BRINKS and forward it on to your email address. Please note that this quote is based on the the information that you provide on your form, and BRINKS reserve the right to amend the price on their final invoice if the information provided was incorrect.

6. Approve quote

Once you receive the quote you will need to approve it via return email.

7. We organise pick up with BRINKS

Once done, you will receive confirmation of the pick up date.

8. Send us your tracking information

Upon pickup by BRINKS, please take a picture of the tracking slip you will be handed, and email it  to us, so that we are able to track your shipment.

9. We verify your diamond(s) and collateral

Once your shipment has been received, we will verify the contents and email you confirmation of receipt, together with the invoice for shipping.

All collateral such as your certificate(s) and tender box and books (if applicable), need to be returned to ADP for the sale to be completed.

If any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 9238 2727.

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