04 Apr

2023 Pink Diamond Investment Guide released

This week, we are proud to release Australian Diamond Portfolio’s updated 2023 Edition of the Pink Diamond Investment Guide.

This annual publication, which contains a treasure trove of detailed insights for new clients, experienced pink diamond investors, or those curious to know more about the pink diamond market, is one of the most widely read publications in the Australian pink diamond market.

  • With updated performance figures for pink diamonds, and an array of assets, the latest Australian Diamond Portfolio Pink Diamond Investment Guide also features updates about:
  • Several key reasons to invest in pink diamonds, from the opportunity to earn outsized gains, to inflation protection and hard asset protection.
  • An introduction to investment grade pink diamonds.
  • The process of investing in physical pink diamonds.
  • Australian Diamond Portfolio’s unique seven step investment process.

We hope you enjoy reading our updated guide, and look forward to any questions or comments that you may have.

The team at Australian Diamond Portfolio are also on hand to assist should you wish to enquire about investing in these unique, rare, beautiful, and profitable assets.


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The 2023 Pink Diamond Investment Guide

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