Australian Diamond Portfolio prides itself on assisting a very diverse range of clients, including private retail investors, high net worth individuals, SMSF trustees, international investors, financial advice groups, wealth managers, and family offices.

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Private Investors

Australian Diamond Portfolio helps private investors interested in diamond investment acquisitions navigate to the market with confidence.

Our team provides investors with a full spectrum solution for buying and managing their investment in rare coloured diamonds including market education, sourcing, certification, vault storage, regular portfolio valuation, and more.

The highly experienced and expert team at Australian Diamond Portfolio are here to help you from your first steps; learning about rare coloured diamond investments, through the buying and storage process, and will be on hand with you right through to your eventual end sale.

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International Clients

While the majority of our clients are Australian-based, we have a growing number of clients from China, Hong Kong and the Middle East. Most have personal and/or professional ties to Australia and are seeking to move a portion of their wealth to this country and make investments.

Australia has an ideal political and economic environment for safe storage of physical assets: we have a stable political climate, minimal national debt, and we’re one of the last few remaining nations with a AAA credit rating. With regulations around foreign property investment becoming more stringent in Australia, overseas investors are now more than ever seeking alternative opportunities here.

Australian Diamond Portfolio works with international clients to provide personalised, seamless solutions when opening a diamond portfolio.

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Self-managed Superannuation Funds

Today, there are more than 1 million Australians who have decided to take charge of their super & are running an SMSF, representing a combined asset value in excess of AUD $600 billion in investable funds.

Alongside the desire for transparent fund management costs and for legal control, the flexibility for people to make their own investment choices and buy into asset classes that traditional funds ignore has been a major factor in the growth of this sector.

Whilst property, equities and term deposits are the major assets that SMSF Trustees tend to invest in, diamonds are also allowable investments inside an SMSF Portfolio and offer many benefits to Trustees putting together a robust and truly diversified portfolio.

We work with advisors and trustees to provide a seamless solution for acquiring diamonds through their SMSF, as well as managing their diamond portfolio in terms of storage, insurance, auditing and valuation requirements.

Private Wealth Managers and Family Offices

Private Wealth Managers & Family Offices

Historically, diamonds have served as a way to preserve wealth and pass it along to future generations. Australian Diamond Portfolio also assists a number of Family Offices and Private Wealth Managers open and manage extensive diamond portfolios for their clients. In this sector, there is long-term investment appeal in the ability of rare coloured diamonds to help secure a family’s financial future by building, preserving, and transferring family wealth and legacy.

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