An Investor’s Best Friend

Pink diamonds provide strong stable growth, and the potential for long term outsized gains.

17.7% average growth

per year over the last 3 years*. This outperforms gold, silver, the ASX, property and just about any other hard asset.


from traditional financial markets. Pink diamonds have even remained stable or seen price growth during the GFC and COVID-19 pandemic.

90% supply cut

due to the closure of Rio Tinto’s Argyle Mine in November 2020, gives the potential for outsized gains in the medium to long term.

SMSF allowable

We offer portfolios for SMSFs, trusts and private individuals starting at AU$ 20,000.

* Source: Combined FCRF and ADP Index data to end 2022

End-to-End Diamond Investment Service from Sourcing to Storage

Education   |   Sourcing   |   Certification   |   Storage   |   Insurance   |   Selling

Australian Diamond Portfolio is a specialist diamond brokerage allowing investors to capitalise on the potential gains of this unique asset class. We provide you with a full solution for buying and managing your investment in rare coloured diamonds including market education, sourcing, certification, vault storage, regular portfolio valuation, and more.

The highly experienced and expert team at Australian Diamond Portfolio are here to help you from your first steps; learning about rare coloured diamond investments, through the buying and storage process, and will be on hand with you right through to your eventual end sale.

90% Cut in Global Supply Gives the Potential for Outsized Gains in the Medium to Long Term

90% of the world’s annual natural pink diamond supply was mined from one single source: The Argyle Mine in Western Australia, which completely ceased all mining operations in November 2020.


Our Expert Team

As market leaders our team has decades of collective experience within the diamond industry.

Anna Cisecki

Executive Director

Anna leads a team of diamond investment specialists and has over 15 years experience in both the diamond and precious metal industries. She’s driven to expand education and transparency around diamond investment.

More about our team   

David Burger

Principal Consultant

David is a globally acclaimed Master Diamond Polisher with over 52 years experience in South Africa and Australia. Over the last three decades he’s polished a large number of Tender diamonds produced by the Argyle mine.

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