Why Invest?

Historic Performance

Pink coloured diamonds have outperformed all other asset classes over the last 10 years, with an average 13.8% growth per year.

Supply and Demand

With the closure of the Argyle mine scheduled for 2021, which supplies 90% of the world’s pink diamonds, and ever increasing demand from Asian markets, price increases are being driven up as global supply moves towards exhaustion.


Pink coloured diamonds can act as an important part of a balanced investment portfolio, offering low correlation and insulation from traditional financial market risks.

How it works

The investment process simplified

The process of investing can be a daunting prospect for those not familiar with diamond investments. We break down every aspect from how to acquire a diamond, to certification, valuation, storage, insurance and eventual sale.

At Australian Diamond Portfolio we are able to handle every step of this process for you.

What to buy

Finding the right diamond for you

When selecting the right diamond, many factors need to be taken into consideration, such as budget, duration of investment and the investment vehicle you chose to invest with. Coloured diamonds have different value factors compared to regular clear diamonds and each colour and size has its own performance history.

Diamond Grading & Value

How is the value of a diamond determined

How is the value of diamonds determined? With coloured diamonds the value is determined by the rarity and beauty of the colour.

We use the Argyle and GIA grading systems when assessing diamonds sourced by Australian Diamond Portfolio.

Find out more about the various factors that influence the value of rare coloured diamonds and how to identify them.

Market Information

Get an overview of the factors influencing the diamond market

The coloured diamond market is driven by the fundamentals of supply and demand.

All of the diamonds we offer are ethically sourced and we only deal with other companies that adhere to the KPCS, which regulates 99% of the world’s rough diamond supply.

Our investment centre provides further information about some of the fundamentals of the diamond market and including the driving factors that determine price, with particular focus on what makes rare pink diamonds from the Argyle mine so valuable.

Keep up to date

Keep up to date about what’s happening in the rare coloured diamond market – latest news, price updates, auction news, and investment information.

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