Performance Overview

A yellow diamondMost categories of yellow diamonds are considered more of an ornament. Hence they are more sensitive to end consumer spending, and thus more reactive to economic swings.

While Pink and blue diamonds were unaffected over the GFC, yellow diamonds suffered a 45% decline in value between January 2008 and January 2009 as most retail consumers lowered their spending and demand plummeted and supply remained steady.

However, the following year, yellow diamonds increased 52% in value and continued to increase in value to fully recover their pre-recession value by January 2012. They continue to perform consistently, and have outperformed many traditional investments, particularly in the top Vivid Yellow category.


Historic appreciation of yellow diamonds to January 2019


 CAGR Jan 2005 - Jan 2019Total Appreciation Jan 2005 - Jan 2019
Fancy Yellow2.0%32.2%
Fancy Intense Yellow2.4%38.8%
Fancy Vivid Yellow4.1%76.1%
Source: Courtesy of The Fancy Color Research Foundation. All Rights Reserved.
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