Australian Diamond Portfolio makes buying and storing diamonds for your SMSF easy.

Rare Coloured Diamonds are allowable investments inside an SMSF Portfolio and offer many benefits to Trustees putting together a robust and truly diversified portfolio.

As part of your diamond investment through Australian Diamond Portfolio, we organise professional third-party storage, insurance, valuations and more.


Be sure to consult your SMSF Advisor to ensure you fully understand the requirements.

Secure Third Party Storage

Australian Diamond Portfolio partners with Guardian Vaults to provide you with a comprehensive independent storage solution. Each client will receive one year of safety deposit services at one of Guardian Vault’s state-of-the-art high security facilities in Sydney or Melbourne.

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Guardian Vaults goes beyond the physical safeguarding of your assets by providing the option of full liability insurance underwritten by world-class insurers for complete peace of mind. A certificate of insurance may be issued in the name of your superannuation fund for the nominated value upon opening your safety deposit box.

Annual Reporting Requirements

At Guardian Vaults, your auditing requirements can be tailored to your specific SMSF needs and/or to meet the necessary requirements of your accountant or financial advisor. (Please consult your SMSF advisors to fully understand the requirements.) As part of their seamless solution, Guardian Vaults is also able to continue the auditing process and maintenance of documentation reflecting the evidence of your diamond holdings within your allocated safety deposit boxes.

Annual Portfolio Valuation

Australian Diamond Portfolio includes a complementary independent valuation with the opening of your diamond portfolio, conducted at the Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia (DCLA). The DCLA is Australia’s only internationally recognised laboratory, with a team of trained and accredited diamond professionals qualified to certify diamonds by the most rigorous of standards. DCLA is also able to provide annual revaluations as required by your SMSF at the end of each financial year.

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