Pink Diamond Investment Guide 2022

Your introduction to pink diamond investment.

This guide provides all of the information needed for investors new to the asset class. We cover why pink diamonds make such an attractive investment, the factors affecting their value, and their unique supply and demand profile. We also detail the investment process from initial consultation to eventual sale.



ADP Pink Diamond Index 2021

Compiled from over 10,000 data points, our inaugural Pink Diamond Index provides unparalleled insight into the pink diamond market.

The ADPPDI provides a unique insight into price movements for pink diamonds over the 12 months to 30 June 2021. The index categorises performance by shape, size, clarity and colour, as well as a combination of these factors, with the average price rise for pink diamonds over the last year coming to a staggering 30%.



Special Report: Argyle Mine Closure

Published in 2019 before the mine’s closure in November 2020, but still relevant today, we look at the importance of the Argyle mine to the pink diamond market.

This includes details of production volumes in relation to the overall pink diamond market, the supply and demand dynamic this produces and the likely effects on diamond prices upon closure.



Annual Report 2020/21

Australia’s leading coloured diamond research report, looking at pink diamond investment performance in the context of the broader investment and economic landscape.

Published in September 2021, it reviews the previous 12 months and provides an outlook for the coming year.



Pink Diamond Buying Guide

How is the value of a pink diamond determined?

Whereas clear diamonds are valued based on their clarity and lack of colour, the crucial factors for pink diamonds are very different.

This guide outlines the attributes that the professional sourcing team at Australian Diamond Portfolio look at when recommending an investment diamond for you.



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