Australian Diamond Portfolio offers secure third-party storage with each new portfolio opened.

Australian Diamond Portfolio partners with Guardian Vaults to deliver state-of-the-art security, discretion and service for your valuable investment.

The vault is Australasia’s largest private safe deposit box facility. Both the Melbourne and Sydney facilities have been purpose-built to suit the needs of clients storing high-value hard assets, with impressive electronic and physical security measures featuring cutting edge bio-identification technology and round-the-clock security monitoring.

Direct Vault Transfers

For your personal security and convenience, Australian Diamond Portfolio will securely transfer your investment directly to the vault in Sydney or Melbourne. It will be held in safe custody until you visit the vault, sign for it, and transfer it to your own safety deposit box. We can also arrange custodial services if you choose not to collect in person.

Private Ownership

As a client of Guardian Vaults, you will have full ownership of your safety deposit box for your exclusive private use; only you and any parties you nominate will have the ability to access it.


The vault also goes beyond the physical safeguarding of your assets providing service packages that allow individual nominations as an interested insured party under its unique insurance policy. A certificate of insurance may be issued in your name for the nominated value upon opening your safety deposit box.

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