19 Nov

Two steps forward one step back

It’s safe to say that it has been an eventful year in 2020, with November itself delivering plenty of news in terms of COVID-19 vaccines, the US Presidential Election, and of course, the permanent closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine.

In this week’s market update, we look at the good and bad news regarding COVID-19, and why the economic fallout from efforts to limit the spread of the disease reinforces many of the reasons astute investors are turning to pink diamonds.

We also look forward to Christmas 2020, with a reminder about our recently launched Legacy Collection of pink diamonds, which will make the perfect gift this year.

Two steps forward one step back

When it comes to COVID-19, it seems like it’s a case of two steps forward, one step back. On the positive side of things, last week’s news of Pfizer’s successful tests on a potential vaccine were followed up by an announcement from Moderna Inc that they too had developed an experimental vaccine with a 94.5 efficacy rate.

If things continue to progress and the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines pass safety regulations, it is possible they could both be available for use within a month, which would be great news indeed.

Sadly, whilst the vaccine news is encouraging, the spread of COVID-19 itself continues to explode, with every state in the United States seeing an increase in infections last week, with up to 150,000 people a day being diagnosed with the disease.

In total there are now more than 11 million cases in the United States, which is almost 20% of the total worldwide case count for COVID-19, a truly worrying thought given the US is still in many ways the driver of the global economy.

Even here in Australia it seems we are not out of the woods. Less than a week after it looked like all the states (barring WA) would be open for restriction free travel in the lead up to Christmas, we’ve been jolted by the news of a rapid spread of the disease in South Australia, which up until now had gone months without one active case of COVID-19.

We have family in South Australia and know just how hard this will be for them, with all of us praying that the lockdown does indeed only last one week instead of dragging on for months like it did in Victoria.

From an investment perspective, the news from South Australia serves as a reinforcement of the message we’ve been sharing in our market updates for months regarding COVID-19.

And that message is simple – traditional asset classes are highly likely to lose real value in the years ahead, as an economic contraction, coupled with negative interest rates and expensive stock and property markets, forces investors to diversify and protect wealth with real, scarce assets.

Given this backdrop, and the closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine in 2020, no asset offers a better combination of wealth protection and profit potential than pink diamonds.

Judging from the number of enquiries and investments we’ve seen from our clients in the last few months, it seems that many of you agree.

The time to act is now.

Australian Diamond Portfolio Legacy Collection


Leave a legacy with the perfect gift Xmas Present

Christmas 2020 is just six weeks away. Whilst that might be hard to believe given everything that has happened this year, from the Bushfires to COVID-19 and the US Presidential Election, time waits for no one as the saying goes, and the festive season will soon be upon us.

For those of you looking for that perfect gift, the Australian Diamond Portfolio Legacy Collection may be just what you are looking for.

For those who missed our product launch, The Legacy Collection is a set of carefully curated pink diamonds selected by our expert gemmologists that celebrate the legend that is the Argyle Diamond Mine.

These pink diamonds, which will typically range in price from $1,000 to $10,000, should be seen as an accompaniment to the investment diamonds we specialise in sourcing for our clients at Australian Diamond Portfolio.

Since we launched the Legacy Collection earlier this month, we have been overwhelmed by the response from our loyal clients and are busy adding to our stock levels to meet the demand we are seeing.

Whether you are looking for a gift for that special someone, or for your children or grandchildren, these Legacy pink diamonds serve as the ultimate memento. The diamonds also represent a unique way of capturing a piece of Australian history, now that the Argyle Diamond Mine has ceased mining operations.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the beautiful stones from the Australian Diamond Portfolio Legacy Collection, please click the link blew.

As always, we hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s edition of “In the Loupe” and look forward to any questions or comments you may have.

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